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I Love My Role - English translation of Zhang Ziyi's January 2004 interview with Beijing Youth Weekly

Remembrance - Translation of the Bao Shi novelette upon which The Road Home was based

Wang Dulu & Crane-Iron - Info about the novels upon which Crouching Tiger was based and its author

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Zhang Ziyi ("Jahng Tz-Yee", aka Ziyi Zhang in much of the West - Zhang is her surname), age 27, born on February 9, 1979, in Beijing, China to Zhang Yuanxiao, an economist father, and Li Zhousheng, a kindergarten teacher mother, is one of China's most popular and successful entertainers and an ever-growing success on the international stage.

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Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

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Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)
House of Fying Daggers (2004)
My Wife Is A Gangster 2 (2003)

Princess Raccoon (2005)
2046 (2004)
Hero (2002)

Jasmine Women (2004)
Purple Butterfly (2003)
Musa (2001)

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Zhang Ziyi Wallpaper
800x600    1024x768

Zhang Ziyi Wallpaper

Zhang Ziyi Wallpaper
800x600    1024x768

Zhang Ziyi Wallpaper

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北京青年周刊采访 - 章子怡:我爱我的角色 定会全力以赴付出

好日子采访 - 章子怡,最爱你的人是我

《我的父亲母亲》 - 章子怡的电影是根据鲍十的小说《纪念》即《我的父亲母亲》

《茉莉花开》 - 章子怡的电影是根据苏童的小说《妇女生活》即《茉莉花开》

采访1采访2 - 《星星点灯》监制黄诚坚谈到章子怡的第一部电影

《鹤惊昆仑》 - 王度庐的「鹤-铁五部曲」武侠小说

《玉娇龙》 - 聂云岚的武侠小说是根据王度庐的《卧龙藏龙》

关于武侠 - 武侠作者古龙谈到王度庐的「鹤-铁五部曲」

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